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TrucleanEX House Wash & Paint Prep


TruCleanEX House Wash and Paint Prep is a highly concentrated, phosphate free blend of alkaline detergents, solvents and surfactants formulated for use to remove paint chalk, dirt, grease, oil and grime on a variety of house surfaces such as vinyl, brick, wood, aluminum, masonite, stucco and painted surfaces.

Compatible with bleach. Simply add bleach to mixture in pressure washer for areas subject to mold and mildew stains as a concentrated cleaner for use in pressure washers or pump-up sprayers.


  • Covers up to 9000 sq. ft. Ideal for contractor use
  • Great for paint prep to eliminate chalking and oxidation prior to painting exterior surfaces. Use on wood, TREX®, decks, roof and gutters.
  • Removes dirt, paint chalking, mildew and algae stains... much more effective than bleach alone. Contains no bleach or acids.
  • Compatible with bleach for cleaning mold/mildew stains

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